Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fanna: Annihilation!

I reckon the title says it all. I watched the much-anticipated flick Fanna during the weekend with friends. Despite a super star cast – Aamir and Kajol – and coming from the stables of Yash Raj – India’s original romantic production house, the film disappoints. It is a pedestrian, dull job by Kunal Kohli, the acclaimed director of Hum-tum fame.

The movie starts off well. The music is good. The cast is impressive. That is it! Titans like Kiron kher, Satish Shah and the funny Jaspal Bhatti have simply been wasted away. A blind girl is unanticipatedly operated upon for sight-correction. Suddenly she starts to see light. Like the 70's crap.

Our film-makers still think the audiences are a dumb-lot. Terribly short of creative tales, they weave ordinary stories with the same old formulae. Fanna, so high on hype is actually low on quality quotient. It does not make sensible cinema. It looks like one big roughhouse. The direction is slip-shod. The screenplay unoriginal. Trite.

The usual Kashmir angle. Terrorists, wanting to nuke India. The elusive trigger. Wild chases. Wasteful expenditure. The bad guys infiltrating the army. Female intelligence sleuths. That is Tabu, for you. Little spattering about history. Don’t we see the same banal theme repeated in C-grade hindi movies so often.

The movie scores at: screen chemistry between the lead stars, that old world feeling of an all girl’s band going to Delhi from Kashmir, great cinematography. And ofcourse Kashmir – ever beautiful! Poland too.

Albeit Kokes may give it a 6/10. Fanna gets a five on ten from Wasy and me!

Pic: Kashmir -- in Summer


mukul, Delhi said...

as always: crisp, beautiful


anjali said...

oh u watched the picture and that indeed is a unique review.

gauri_2@htcity.com said...

Hi -- I am introduced to your blog through my friend.
I work as a trainee journalist with HT city.
You've a great blog here and I loved this review -- written so flawlessly -- by you.
Will keep logging back.

Gauri Duva, 21

Vijay said...

Bet you didn't like the movie. What a nice way of saying so.

Hira, Mumbai said...

I don't agree with you. I think the film is good. The music is fab. It is entertaining. Yes, it is not like RDB and seems boring at times, but it is overall Ok ok.
Lets say time-pass.


Ritesh 33, Hyd'bad said...

hey dost
the film was average. still the box-office collections are great. that is because of the huge star-cast and yash raj banner

anyways i am musch impressed by your blog. more than agreeing or disagreeing with u, i am impressed by ur language.

very good yar


hana said...

One of those days when you give a stunning review of a movie.

I enjoyed reading the brokeback review because I'd seen the film myself.

Plz blog more often.


Kaiser, 21, Muscat said...

Hey, I also watched the film. You are right in saying that the film is not GREAT. I was atleast expecting the film to be hit.

nisha, Mumbai said...

someone teach Riyan to say 'mein'. Why does he need to say....
riyan to vo pasand nahi, riyan ko doodh do.