Saturday, June 17, 2006

Only if....

Only if I could fly
I would hover round thee
Only if dreams came true
I would never let you go
Only if flowers grew in snow
I would pick all of them for you
Only if time stood still
I would freeze in your thought
Only if week-days were off
I would just color portraits of you
Only if pebbles were diamonds
I would stack them up for you
Only if it rained forever
I would walk you for miles
Only if life was magical
I would surprise ye always
Only if God gave me another life
I would not stop loving you!



Mekah, Delhi said...

The greatest poet/The wildest lover/The magician...


Arman, 25, New Delhi said...


I like these words of yours. They seem to come from some beautiful depth, inside you. I'm a literature student from JNU.

I admire the innocent sparkling in you. I hope you carry on with this endeavour.

Kudos for your writings.

R-21, Main Boys hostel
JNU, Delhi

Lucerno, Portugal said...

Good gracious. Lovely lovely words. I am speechless. How can you be so effortless?


Anjali said...



Usually you are not this simple. There is a sudden beauty in simple lines, as well. Like todays poem tells us.


Umang Mehta, Mumbai said...

Tell me two things please:
-How can people be so consistantly good? that too every time.
-How do these poems occur to you? Why don't they occur to me.


Haggis, Chicago said...

You have a thing for nature. Right. Birds/flowers/trees always feature in your writings.

Harpreet said...

What else can one say!

selcuk K said...

i liked it.. (and your pic too..) and i even translated it into turkis.. just for fun.. because i wanted to.. you wont understand a word of it though..
it is mostly the same with you.. i just changed some of it.. like some words.. some felings.. MY FEELINGS .. haha :)