Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Can't stop lovin you!!!

The first time our eyes met
It is the same feelin I get
Only feels much stronger
I want to love you longer

Every word I say is true
I remember all your moves
I remember you!!!



Anonymous said...

It isn't about being loved and cared, it is the feeling of being loved by a real guy -- a great guy, a romantic guy.


sushant, kanpur said...

hmm. A very interesting blog. Nice pictures, good feel and such beautiful write-ups and poetry.

What do you do for a living, Sameer? Are you based in India? Can I write to you?

Let me know plz.


Ken, Sunnyville said...

Amazing picture, beautiful lines too. I like the selection of pictures/poems/limmericks/ and above your pieces here.

Terry Adams said...


My fav. Bravo boy!

Cathereen, Sweden said...

That takes my heart away, samy.

One look at your page and all my worries melt away for the day. Thanks for being so beautiful always.

Ambreen Ishrat, Karachi said...

Memory is a cruel thing that way, as sometimes it reduces things
and outrages to a mere itch. I too have turned into a coward, as I can
write volumes about the troubles in my own life but I can't summon
enough words that would enable me to express the plight of others.

It's pieces like these that wakens me up from my slumber and to at least feel if not do anything about it. Keep on the good work!

You simply rock whether its ur piece with political/social bent or those poetic utterances about love, longing and nurturing. Beautiful.

I want to write like you! sprinkle the holy water of creativity on me.....

Tears no matter how unmanly they may seem, doesn't make a guy
vulnerable, unattractive or a softy, it makes him human. I am sure that the person whom you r writing this for feels the same way. Tears are a relief, for if they weren't there, our hearts would have burst out with
grief or with longing.

It was a treat finally to see a face that would go with the
picture....there is something very Byronic about u.

Samir Bhat said...

Dear Anonymous:

Albeit I'm not eager to know who you are, May I just request you to publish your name, next time you post a comment.


Hardeep said...

Well done.
Nice pic, padshaho,
Great writing.


Anonymous said...

KD Said...

Very nice picture, your words really tuch to heart...


this dude like you said...

Lazmaya sam... you write really well.