Friday, June 30, 2006

Internet religion.

I am a Muslim. A non-practicing one. I don't pray a lot. I rarely visit the mosque. I believe in God. I trust the goodness within us. I would prefer watching the moon coming up slowly and caressing the stars, rather than chant hymns, a thousand times. I reckon, God does not need that mindless murmuring from us. Organized religion cheeses me off. Region – to me -- is an intensely private affair between God and man.

I chanced across a riveting web-link today. It is a quizzical page. Worth it. You answer a couple of engrossing and engaging questions. The computer does the rest. It gives you the option -- of which faith you are closest to, in your heart and soul. And thought.

Guess what, I got a tie between Islam and Paganism. Contrasts again, but thats me...Unconventional!

Why don’t you try this out? It’s fun. And yeah…you don’t necessarily need to change your faith after the results.

With Thanks, Pragya



Soni Singh, Mumbai said...


no wonder you are 50:50. Appearing to say yeah...then saying no.



suhrit, New Delhi said...

I took the test. It showed I am a hindu, which I am.

interesting, no.

I liked your last night's write-up.


Tatyyib, Hyderaabd said...

cool site, sameer.

Looks like internet is going to decide every aspect of human existence now.

cheers said...

You do have an amazing range.

Jatin said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful link.
The quiz score showed me that I am a satanist which is very true.


Bharat, New Delhi said...

and I am a satinist too.


Dr Anil K jha said...

Cool link. I am a Christian, which in real life, I am not.

Suresh Gupta said...

I am a Hindu. I believe in God. There may be Hindus who do not believe in God. There are people who believe in their own Gods. But for me all are dear to me because they all are dear to God.

I fully agree with you when you say " Religion – to me -- is an intensely private affair between God and man".

selcuk K said...

This is the results of that internet religion link.. i scored as islam, which i really want to believe.. :)