Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sleep, little eyes

Sleep, little eyes
That brim with childish tears amid thy play,
Be comforted! No grief of night can weigh
Against the joys that throng thy coming day.

Sleep, in the chill!
There is no place in Slumberland for tears:
Sleep that you have no more fears
And sorrows won't pass you for years.

A Mccre adaptation



Steven Binge said...

Love those lovely words. Jon-rocks

Dr Anil K jha said...

The cartoon character is funny. It seems to suggest that the individual is fast asleep after a days hard task.

I liked your last few original write-ups. Glad that you have continued the steady pace. Good writing comes from a learned mind.



Soni Singh, Mumbai said...


Good manu, gave me ur blog. You've come a long way. Thats a lovely-lullaby (LORI). Oh sam, you are so thoughtful. We often put baby's to sleep like that. Who's your baby??

BTW: do u still talk in that stupid american accent?

Soni Singh -- same class mcrp

Natalie, Milan said...

Poems like little pecks make us go soft in the head
Music makes us grow beautiful.

Thats the power of words and sound.


Harpreet said...

The reason that you keep it mixed, makes it refreshing. It is like cocktails: Fresh and Tingling.
I simply love to read your pieces. May it be personal ones, political, economic analyisis, your adaptions.
Great work, dude.

Will like to meet you some day.


Robert Suilden said...

An amazing ouvre. Feels good to know that you read 'In Flanders Fields' by John, which has inspired this beautiful poem.

Robert D. Suilden, Ottawa

Samir Bhat said...

Glad you dropped by. You are the same. Pullin my leg, as always. Write to me on my email, Will you?

John is a lovely poet. I liked his 'In Flanders Fields'. You are right, I dualized this poem, keeping the same rhythm and care in mind.