Wednesday, June 28, 2006


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blog layouts

I like the word 'indolence'. It makes my laziness seem classy. I don't feel like to write these days. No writers block. Just plain indolence. Instead, I will beam you a couple of pics. One of my best mates, a cabalistic-colored lamp and a sweet girl!

Tanseer: In some swanky hotel -- in Almaty, Kazakistan!

The Mystery lamp: A lovely pic by a friend

Pragya: Letting her hair down in a comely grab



Arman, 25, New Delhi said...

Nice pics, samy.
We'd love to read more of you tho.

Plz don't get lazy...INDOLENT, if you may.


Juliet Masdin,Montreal said...

Thanks for the photos. Good to see Pragya in B&W. Does this lamp try to tell us something?


Anjali said...

samy, tanseer looks cool!
Who's this new friend of urs


Bharat, New Delhi said...

hey, lazy man. Good pics there. Pragya looks more like a ghost in this Black and white pic, tho.

Lucerno, Portugal said...

I liked the lamp pic. Great pic.
Also, I would love to read more of you.

Soni Singh, Mumbai said...

The contrasts in Praga pic are put to a good use. is tanseer single?
Howdee, samy.


Anonymous said...

Gimme ur pics, sexy.