Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sizing me up!

Not in those climes where I have late been straying,
Though Beauty long hath there been matchless deem'd;
Not in those visions to the heart displaying
Forms which it sighs but to have only dream'd,
Hath aught like thee in truth or fancy seem'd:
Nor, having seen thee, shall I vainly seek
To paint those charms which varied as they beam'd
To such as see thee not my words were weak;
To those who gaze on thee what language could they speak?

George Gordon Byron, English Romantic poet
Born 1788, Died 1824. I think he is still dead!
Celebrated author of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage and Don Juan. (My fav)

I have been thinking to write a ruminative piece about me. I often jot about others in these pages. How about putting up an honest assertion about Sam, I doodled? I reckon, it is difficult to label oneself. How does one size himself up? Destiny’s child is one milder way of saying how I see myself. Flower-kid!

I love nature. I love friends. I love birds. I love Music. I love the rain. I love the feeling of being loved. To love. I hate vainglory. I seek no glory. I am not overtly ambitious. I have no concrete plans for the day after tomorrow. That may a negative trait but I am being scrupulous here. I am not the one who is going to die for his beliefs because I may simply be wrong.

I only listen to those I respect. Most people bugger me. I do assert. I am impassionate and intense. Utterly romantic. A tad wild and mostly protective. I revere loyalty.

I can be fascinatingly faulty. Childish beyond belief. Socratic and quizzical at the same time. In one quick breath. Daring the world yet docile to a charmed inner circle. Both impetuous and indolent. Contrasts, yep but that is me…always unconventional. Always longing. Thinking. Reasoning. Romping. Always loving.

I may appear gloomy -- at times -- but am more happy than any other. I tend to get impatient with the mediocre and fickle-minded. I know it may sound eccentric, flamboyant and controversial to some. But I don’t care two hoots.

I am all-inclusive. Friendly. Too emotional, too conflicting. Too introspective. I don’t like crowds and am more likely to rubbish most of the social institutions and societal norms. I believe in God but organized religious rituals don’t really excite me.

I may well be an exile.

I value freedom, more than anything else. One's own space. Liberal values and still liberal mores give me a far greater high than all the crass glitz and glamour around us.

I seem to have transcended my sexual identity. I love madly. Ardently. Like Lord Byron.

Love me or loathe me. But that’s me. Honest and regal.



fadia G, Toronto said...


That really is an inside peek into the life of a beautiful and private person.

I am awed at the depth of your likes and dislikes. You speak your mind and seem to have this no-non-sense attitude.

Thanks for sharing the exclusive details.


Dr Anil K jha said...

Whenever I read you, I want to know more about you as a person. Very good that you have been gracious enough to mention some details about youself.

Looks like you are a private person. Perhaps, your person. It is heartining to know that you have been very honest in sizing yourself up.

Dr Anil K Jha

Anonymous said...

What do you mean transend my sexuality????

Haggis, Chicago said...

This is a great introspective piece. I think this is another gem.

I am a liberal person by nature and could see so many similarities with you.

By TRANSCENDING your SEXUALITY, I think you mean: Going beyond, rising above the petty definition of sex that people have reduced it to.

Hope I am right in my understanding of my favourite blogger.


Hardeep, Chandigarh said...

Graceful writing.


Lucerno, Portugal said...

nice pics, samy.

Jatin said...

Words are not enough to describe a person like you.
You are simply wonderful.


Emille, London said...

In French they have a term called...À propos de l'auteur. It means about the author. I am happy my author has finally given me a window into his personal life.

Merci(Thank u)


anjali said...

wow!!! sam, nice pics. Where did you go hopping by the way?? Looking fiting fit these days. Any intentions of going for some kill! he he;)


Kaiser, 21, Muscat said...

wow. you seem to love all thats beautiful -- nature and birds and what not.

You sound like a true romantic, words-worth fellow.


prachi said...

nice pics...n a nice haircut!!