Monday, May 01, 2006

Life Line

Another poem from the lost repertoire. Now that I try to remember why I wrote this poem, I cannot. I -- however -- can recall that I was in a library and my mind was drifting away from books. I took a bit of paper and jotted the poem in a matter of minutes.

I've always been me. A regular guy. I may attempt to appear sensible in my musings. I reckon, I do that only under the creative license that writers think they can weild. Stupid me! As humans we are so fragile. Last night, I cried. For a very small thing. Like a kid insisting on his favourite candy. Not realising that we need to grow up in life and try and be content.

The rebel in us revolts. The kid insists. The candy allures. The heart weeps. The spirit consoles. Life carries on with its many vissicitudes. Ground beneath our feet supports us. Not many souls who walked upon her got what they wanted from life. I may not be an exception. Just one of the legion who wished for too much and got too little.

Some people are tough. I wish I too were! But then I may loose the power to dream, to reflect, to write, to smile, to cry, to love!

Here, I might drift again. The poem:

A cartful of desires
in a life full of mire
Across corners and crossroads
as my cart trundles on
I find no virtues
only evil in flow
Ragged airs in a rude world
indifferent souls with emotions curled
Lonely pangs hold me fast
Uneven tides tear my mast
Narrow creaks in the gabled door
tender worlds I seek to explore
I trod to end of the planet (on my cart)
met only dazzled doves
My love-darts still in my bag
can't shoot, won't throw it away
Everything is so rife
in a short, sweet life.

Poem orginally written in June, 2003



Dr Anil K Jha, Ranchi said...

Dear sameer,

I am again impressed to see how well you write. Remember, sonny, we all have highs & lows in life but one must never forget that this is destiny.

We come across many things in life. You are young and sound very passionate, as is case with young blood but I want to advice you , both as an elder and a fan of your writings that you must continue to remain happy, be good and write well.

That is your strength.


josh said...

Mate, you rock. Thanks for letting us know your intensity. I wish I could meet you in person.


A.S.Thernum, Duffernorn said...

made me rem...Liz who used to say:
The world goes whispering to its own, "This anguish pierces to the bone;" And tender friends go sighing round, "What love can ever cure this wound?" My days go on, my days go on.

Mike, Boston said...

That is very well put. You seem to me an erudite-refined guy. I think there are not too many in your tribe. Call it a vanishing flock but who thinks about emotions now.

Btw - I also keep a blog. Do visit me if you find time.

fakra said...

Sam bya,

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! poor soul. Don't feel bad. I can take anything but your sulk.

Miss your sense of humour.


Jotika, New Delhi said...

I think u wrote equally well 3 yrs back also.


kunal, B'lore said...

It is good to read you. Feels refreshing that someone can write so fuckin well.


Sum Dum Fak, North Korea said...

What's up with names like BHAT & FAKKI?

Samir Bhat said...

Mr North Korea...

I guess you've not been branded a rouge state for nothing. Outside of your snake-eating nation, there live 6 billion people, who have all kinds of names and surnames. So not only choos and DUMBOS live in filthy mires, there are others who inhabit our planet.

Plz read a page or two before signing up on the internet.


Emma said...


I guess u angry. Don't feel that way. Let the morons say what they want. We know how talented u are.


Harris, Hamburg said...

so, we get is a collection of your old poems. Thats gd. Thanks for sharing the gems.

Nicely thought.


Zeeshan said...

Sam, You seem to be a bit too harsh on replies to people posting comments on your blogs, unlike what you blog about.
This seems to be two different people.
Emma is right. So were you, with your words: If you can't stand the heat in my kitchen...
Tansir introduced me to your site.
We all love your words, whatever you pen.