Friday, May 19, 2006

The good-bye Limerick!

Good bye and see you
words kept so few
Rain in familiar airs
love inside endless layers
You gotta go, I always knew


Limerick is a light, humorous poem of five verses in which the l st , 2 nd , and 5 th lines rhyme and the 3 rd and 4 th lines rhyme. {Rhyme scheme aabba}


Hanny, Johhanesberg said...

You are a nut. Because only nuts can write so expressedly well on serious to humourous matters so well.

Grace witt, Brussels said...

Thats beautiful, thats funny and you sure are a lovely guy who never fails to amuse me with his writings.

Grace, 21

Anjali said...

Rain...stirs something in you, Isn't it?

Nikhil said...

Nikhil, Delhi said...
A good blog here.
Will read more of you.

Pragnya said...

Im glad I was the first one to read this... Was I?