Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Silences make the real conversations between friends.
Not the saying but the never needing to say is what counts.
`Margaret Lee Runbeck -- US author (1905-1956)

Have you ever felt compelled to say something to somone but you didn't say it? It happens to most of us. When we want to holler, but stop just short of doing so. When you go completely blank as you meet the one who makes butterflies' circle in your stomach. When you ring someone up only to utter everything you don't want to say. When you miss a person like hell and you meet up -- and get together for a long drive -- you suddenly are at a loss to mutter a word.

The captivating silences that creep in. The beguiling thoughts that come to your mind. Looking at each other from the corner of your eyes. Lump in the throat. I think saying nothing...sometimes says the most.

I often wonder -- Don't I wonder a lot!! -- how nature grows in silence. The trees, flowers, grass. The stars, the moon, the clouds and the sun, how they move in silence. Isn't it beautiful. We need silence to be able to touch souls. I used to feel strifled earlier when somone clammed up before me. I realised soon that silence is sometimes the answer.

In a world of loud sound bytes and defeaning noise, where every beautiful expression is drowned in cacophony, silence too is lost. In media and politics -- expression is paramount. In a cutting-edge technological world, one needs to present his point. As market forces get more powerful and advertisers more boisterous, speaking out becomes necessary. Asserting yourself. Saying it loud and clear and crisp and fluent.

I understand the premise but can we ever equate or contrast it with walking on a beach, pants folded, twilight in the evening sky, sea-gulls hovering by, a deep blue sea in your eyes, someone special walking besides you, touching your little finger, in heavenly silence.

You can't compare some things in life!



Jim Boggia said...

Great blog. Nice write-up.


anjali said...


shweta said...

I am a first timer to ur space, recommended by friends. You have maintained a nice blog and 'SILENCE' is amazing.

I guess I have to come back to read you here. It is too beautiful.

Shweta, 33, Jamshedpur

Sam's fan said...

Hey Sam, looks like Anjali here is planning to give me some competition. Wish me luck.

Honestly, I believe, when you wrote 'Silence', you felt it around you. Am I right?

Keep up the amazing work darling.


Hisham said...

True, Silence is golden. It is sweet.

Frank said...

There are times when one needs tranquility. Silence has always been the language of love. It is often seen as a step towards wisdom also.


Samir Bhat said...

To Sam fan:

I would really love to know you are!!!


Anonymous said...


Lot of pulling is going on.

Nice write up mate,

love wasy

Sazzia said...

Whats the matter sam. We want more of you. Please write more often.