Monday, April 24, 2006

Dreamz....Thank you!

Thanks for coming in my dream
though you didn't stay too long
Thanks for breaking bread with me
though you didn't munch a lot
Thanks for exchanging love notes
though the ink was a shade dark
Thanks for gracing my tiny space
though I couldn't offer you much
Thanks for being part of my thoughts
though it is difficult to part with you
Thanks for dropping by anyways
Hope to see you again -- in my dreams!



A.S.Thernum, Duffernorn said...

As beautiful and deep as poetry can get.


Joe said...

Was directed to the website by wiki. Must say, you have a wonderful website. The best I've seen in a while.

Massey, Virginia said...

hmmm...sounds soulful. Very soulful. Your lines are very intense. Hope your beloved understands!

anjali said...


You got to tell me who she is. Is it me :), by any chance.

I'm already flattered, thinking it is me.


Jenny123, California said...

You are describing a dream and yet thanking someone as if she really has to be thanked for this/
This is a quality that touches the coldest of hearts/ THis is a reason I love poets.

Samir Bhat said...

I don't know about the understanding part!!! I'm rather helpless there.
Well, it is just that, somone came in my dreams and it warms the cockles of my heart that 'someone' is a part of my conciousness now.


wasy said...

who is this that I dont know about.... :)

Nice poem Mate..

fakra, Abu-Dhabi, UAE said...

To me, the last lines....
"Thanks for dropping by anyways/
Hope to see you again -- in my dreams!" catches the essence of the lovely poem. As if thanking someone for real.

It dissolves the lines between what's real and what happens in our minds.

Very Good.

Anonymous said...

KD said

It's beautiful, but who is that I could not understand, pls tell us...

Anonymous said...

well chosen lines...
you seem to have put a lot of thought to it!
do not know whether to call you a poet or a writer...

keep it up mate!