Friday, April 28, 2006

The Tiff!

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.
Mark Twain

There is a golden rule in fighting. Hit first and hit hard. One must never pick a fight but when someone tries to slog it out with you, then as a matter of amour propre one needs to be on top of it. I -- for instance -- am a pacifist. It is not the likes of me to start a fight or join issue with someone. Then there are exceptions!

The cab driver was suddenly abusive. He wanted to push ahead perhaps and finding himself lagging behind, started bad-mouthing.
Scene: Crossing. Cab, next to my car. Issue: Next to nothing, the chap was plain calumnious.

Assuming that a bespectacled 20-something guy who does not share Stallone's biceps may be harmless, he loudly uttered some invective. Then another. I got down, went over to his door. Pulled him out and knocked him over. All brashness of the dusty kind -- and the rustic machismo -- came flying out of him. A quick aplology followed. The burly guy added, will behave in future.

I think the punch left a blue spot in his eye and a perfumed sweetness. I usually spray Hugo-Boss on my wrists. I think some of it passed on.

May be, I never get to see him again. But justice of the swiftest kind was served piping hot. Matter finished.

Moral: ne pas oser le désordre avec moi. That is -- Don't dare mess with me -- for those who don't know french.



R2K said...

: )

ken said...

Oh, my fav author is in a fighting mode. God save us all.

Gd work mate.

Ameno narayana said...

oh! that was a surprise to me.
may be you keep it to once in a blue moon and stick to what you are best at: writing incredible pieces.

ameno, LA

Emma, OK, US said...

At the end of the day you are a boy and Boys will be Boys. I've been reading you here for a long time and you come across as pretty sensible, balanced and smart.

Honestly writing another piece here but you can't hide your boyish ways. Here hitting the cab-man. Nothing justifies violence.

Give me sam the writer any day.


kunal, B'lore said...

wow, man. You rock. I am hooked onto your blog.

Gd you beat the shit out of him. Don't listen to these Ghandi wadis. Saw Rang de basanti. That is the spirit.

Between a fab blog you have.

Kunal, 27, bangalore
Design Engg

Sabah, jordan said...

cool blog. will bk mark.

Arijit said...

I laughed for two full minutes after reading your post. I think you have this short-fuse in you, sam.

Rem that NDTV incident.


Anonymous said...

you never cease to amaze me!

you know how to write,
you know how to fight...
you use use words to tell,
you use fists to make them understand...

just perfect...
Never Change


Pragnya said...

so u fight too...
not bad! Prachi cud just not stop laughing though... imagining u beating up a guy...

Kimberly Mann said...

You seem to be an educated, intelligent guy and I am quite shocked that you would physically assault a guy who cuts you off in traffic. That is an impulsive, immature response and I am surprised you were not charged with assualt.

Joe said...

That's the key to any smart guy -- not being charged!

love ur write-ups.

Navvy said...

It must have been a great scene.
Cool lad like Sam punching someone!
Must say superb write up..