Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Let loose the rains

Let loose the rains
From Eden, Nirvana, Shangri-la
Wash away, wash away
Cleanse and purify

Let loose the rains.
Cleanse the marrow
Of hate and fear.
Wash away
The hunger in the wide-eyed child.
The tears of the mother with no job

Let loose the rains.
Cleanse the souls
Weary and bruised.
Wash away
The funeral wails from heaving chests.
The dust from hands digging in rubble,
Where is the child buried there?
No, no, when she is found.

Let loose the rains.
Wash away, wash away
Cleanse it all.
The grime in the streets.
My dirty hair.
The thickening air.
The eyes filled with despair.
The screams.
The pain.
The apathy.
The water.
The bricks.
The sirens.

My hands, my hands.
The blood soaked lands.
The torture commands.
The godforsaken sands.
The prisons, Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.
The news.
The skies.
The lies.
The gutters.
The trees.
My heart.
My mind.
My memories.
The contingencies.

Let loose the rains
From Eden, Nirvana, Shangri-la
Wash away, wash away
Cleanse and purify.

A soulful windy rendition, I coudn't help adapt!



Jim Boggia said...

Thats really soulful-heartfelt poetry. You cull the best and bring it here.



Hanny, Johhanesberg said...

touching lines that underpin the challenges of our times.

Lovely poetry!

Vincent said...

I am a first timer to ur web-log. I like the overall appeal and the quality of write-ups.

Your prose and poetry are equally good. I very much liked the recent pieces on your friend.

You doing a very gd job.

KD said...

I am visiting first time ur site, you really use words which tuch my heart, go ahead my wishes always with u.

fuzzair said...

No one can look at a person and say how he really is. Your writings give you out.

You must be a beautiful person. Really!

Akriti Jain said...

hey hansum...

Your poems rock/ur blog rocks/You TOO ROCK.


Dr Anil K Jha, Ranchi said...

Dear Sameer,

These words reflect a very deep meaning. I know many of your younger audience gets carried away by your use of words and language, I must stress that you give more emphasis on substance.

Like this poem seems to convey a deep anguish, introspection and hope.

I like the way you go on in this website. This is a nice balance of mixed opinion.

Best wishes
Dr Anil K Jha

April 12, 2006

Abhishek said...

Hi Sam,
Nice Poetry Dear, I think you have fallen in love with someone..
If is it true then Express Yourself. And your poem shows that you are very kind, heartful and lovely person....

With Best Wishes,

Samir Bhat said...

Aby baby...

I am not in love with anyone in particular.

I love humanity/nature/friends/parents/girls....all.