Tuesday, April 25, 2006

mad mad world

Ah...the sameness of things! The slumber of each night. Sweet hours of the morning sleep. Fast-paced life. The morning rush hour traffic. The hollering masses. People creaking open their land-cruiser doors to spit out mouthfuls of paan (Beetlenut). Rickshaw-wallas veering dangerously close to your automobile untill you go bonkers. The mad rush to nowhere. Girls with lanky boy-friends sneaking into shady parks. Trying to find true love. Preyed on by curious eye-balls. Guilt-ridden and yet satisfied.

There are curbs upon every nook. Corrupt corpulent cops. Only belly's, no morals! Difficult officials. In colleges and universities. Egoed politicos and professors. Haughty, hectoring. Unlike the west! But then they -- westerners -- are good for themselves alone. Outside their borders, they sell arms to everyone and his mother -- including us -- and our notorious neighbor. And we kill each other. We pillage. We flunk to negotiate. The stalemate continues.

Back home...the development curve dances and continues to rise. There are still pockmarked roads that trammel your movement. It gets so spiritless and stuffy. Not to forget the stupid advertisement blitzkrieg. Everywhere. The usual chatter on FM radio. Junk Music. Talking through their tired brains. Any piece of crap passes. As long as you speak. News-papers are no better. Journalism has long been trivialised. Less than 5% people read books. Intellectual development, who cares! The beauty of Shelley is lost. I can't help smirk.

Religion continues to dictate people. Govern lives. People cheat, loot, plunder in its name. Wars are fought. Bombs are thrown occassionally in temples and mosques. Yet people pray. This is called faith. It keeps people going. People want to discover God, forgetting that God is nothing but goodness in us. How good we are. How loving we are. How compassionate and humane we are. And how unselfish we are. No one cares for the homeless. The poor. The needy. The elderly. Yet people will take cocunuts and fruits to offer to gods. Do god's need the stuff ? I don't know. I might be hacked for blasphemy. Looking down upon mankind and looking upto God, makes no sense to me.

The sameness prevails. Albeit love makes us strong! Some special thoughts keep us fresh and happy in the mind. And jovail in the heart. Certain thoughts are prayers. There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees, Victor Hugo once said.



Dr Anil K Jha, Ranchi said...

That is very well written. You seem to have taken a very detached view of happenings around. Must compliment you for bringing to life such mundane but essentail aspects of our day-to-day lives in your poetic, stylish way.



Jotika, New Delhi said...

Beautiful sam.

You encapsulated all the brutality and harshness around ourlives in such powerful language.

Love you.

manpreet said...

a mighty take on the difficult times we live in.

Asim said...

Hi Sam!

Your description is perfect. I think it best describes India's capital city, Delhi. In fact I see Delhi as the "mother of all Indian evils" largely because its here that corruption started and slowly penetrated other regions.One can't help but feel ashamed of Delhi.



Anonymous said...

like always u left me speechless...
well done

Gisis Khajawi said...

That is a cool account. I think we must have more people writing in this detached style. You sound so real.

I am an NRI. All these years away from my country, I know it still happens in India. Only in India.


Emma said...

Interesting account. I guess we must never loose the spirit to live. Anyone can loose patience but the best ones go on!
I think you squared it off well when u say that love makes us strong. I like your views on humanity and religion.

Emma, 24, London

Anonymous said...

KD Said

Sam I agree with u, but attitude play an important role in everyone life goodness comes from positive attitude, it doe't matter that u r religious or not but a positive attitude.........

Samir Bhat said...


You made a good point on positive attitude but I must add that When we engage in systematic, purposeful action, using and stretching our abilities to the maximum, we cannot help but feel positive and confident about ourselves.


Alec said...

Good shot chief

Jatin said...

A brilliant piece from the invincible sam. :)

A positive attitude determines your perspective, your outlook, how you feel about yourself, how you feel about other people - determines your priorities, your actions, your values.


Samir Bhat said...

Thanks Jitz for droppin by.