Thursday, April 13, 2006

My legion

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born - Anais Nin

My best mates, and why I admire them

Wasy: Taurian: As sweet as they come

Because he stands by you in rain and thunder; Because he is an anchor we all must have!

Suhail: Virgo: Loyal to the core

Because he still remembers you despite his US accent; Because his is the first thought when you think home

Salus: Acquarius: Truthfully yours

Because he is honest to the core; Because his is a very rare tribe.

Tanu: Scorpio: Kindergarten buddy

Because he reminds you of your priviledged childhood; Because he will stay awake in a different country to say happy birthday at midnight.

Salah: Pisces: Concerned and Caring

Because he dreams the same dreams. Because he is a constant support



Pragnya said...

MAN! this definitely deserved posting a comment! :-D

One amazing set of frnz u hav dear! *and all handsome* ;-)

I already know one,and im sure that the rest of ur pals are JUST the way you described them...and even better!



Abhishek said...

Hi Samy,
Today i have seen your friends and there photographs..
You are a really lucky one. Bcoz, you have soulful and heartful friends, Which means you will be never feel alone in this colorful but Stupid World...
I pray god that your friendship will grow and shine like Big B's Height (Amitabh Bacchan)..

Be cool dude...

With best wishes,

anjali said...

wow---sam---sexy lot.


Akriti Jain said...

This is a fascinating band of boys. But most of them seem to be abroad. so u in touch with them.

Gell well guys.

Hanny said...

so sweet of u to provide these lovely pics. All your friends look so cool.


Umang said...

wasy: Yum
Suhail: Rich man-fancy a date
Tanu: take me to bed!!!
Salus: nice hair
Jitz: kissable
Salah: hunky

Umang, 21f, malaysia

ken said...

Nice line-up, dude!

Always gd to have nice friends.

ken Sneldon.

mehak said...

Liked the pics. I liked wasy and salah, the most.