Thursday, April 20, 2006

Of Passion!

Passion can be a tricky feeling. It has to happen to you to be truly felt. If you are not touched by the boughs of passion, you may simply miss on the elation. It is welded somewhere betwixt the beautiful ripples of love and the often sinful indulgence. Where sin ceases to happen, as two souls transcend. Levitate!

I've to be balanced here... It is -- or was -- touches. Hugs. Drawn ever closer by desire. When waves of concupiscence wash us over. When cool winds suddenly blow hard. It is a million crumples on the little piece of cloth and squeaking of the bedstead. The incandescent flickering of eyelids and random wandering of hands.

Bare and Good. Heaven!

Certain delight
Actions between lovers
Entwined involved movements

I've to stop. Some one might kill me.



anjali said...

Beautiful guy's gott naughty, I guess. What beautiful/decent way to put it.

Anonymous said...

lovely sam

joe, Brighton said...

Very few can describe love-making (Is it that) like this.

You are good at this. Better than what many of my tube writers offer.

abhishek said...

Super sam....YOU Rock!!!!!!

No words to say anythin more.


Ed Frances, Colarado, USA said...

ha ha. nicely put chief.


Fríða, Reykjavík (Iceland) said...


Been quite some time since i visited your blog. Great new stuff. Still looking to hear more about you. I was backpacking through China for past one month and just got back last week.


Hildur, Iceland said...

My freind told me about this blog. Very nice blog.

Samir Bhat said...


You can write to me at or

I'll sure get back to you!